Free the Beer Petition

September 28, 2016

Free the Beer_BI


Did you know it is illegal to transport beer across provincial borders? In New Brunswick, a court ruling struck down the province’s alcohol importation limits in April of this year. A month later, the New Brunswick government announced that it would appeal a court ruling that allowed the legal transportation of beer across provincial borders.

Under the previous Conservative government, provinces and territories agreed to work together to increase free trade across provincial borders. The Official Opposition is continuing that work, and is calling on the Liberal Government to “Free the Beer”!

Businesses should be able to sell their products anywhere in Canada, and consumers should have access to more choice in the marketplace. Freer trade amongst the provinces and territories is a cost effective way to grow the Canadian economy, and encourages greater job creation and private sector investment.

A consortium of business groups, including the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses, say that barriers to internal trade cost the Canadian economy nearly $15 billion per year. The Conference Board of Canada estimates that removing internal trade barriers would add $4.8 billion to real GDP and create 78,000 jobs in British Columbia and Alberta alone.

My fellow BC Conservative MP Dan Albas has been sponsoring a petition for this initiative. You can download and sign the petition by clicking on this link.