Liberals Failing to Get Infrastructure Funds Out The Door: Watts & Rayes

January 12, 2017


OTTAWA, ON – On Tuesday, the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) released a report that confirmed Conservative concerns that under the current Liberal government infrastructure funds are not flowing to communities. In response, Dianne Watts and Alain Rayes, Conservative Critics for Infrastructure, Communities and Urban Affairs, released the following statement:

“This week the PBO confirmed what we have been hearing from communities for months: the Liberals’ much lauded infrastructure program is failing to get money out the door, resulting in project delays. Over the last session of parliament, we repeatedly asked the Minister of Infrastructure to explain why over 96% of the infrastructure projects announced in the past year are not yet under construction. Unfortunately, instead of addressing this issue, the Minister ignored our concerns and communities missed a full construction season.

“To make matters worse, the Canadian Press reported this week that the Liberals were warned as early as May 2016 that infrastructure funds would not flow as quickly as they had promised. But instead of changing course, the Liberals continued to tell Canadians that massive deficits and increased infrastructure spending were going to create jobs and grow the economy. Clearly, their plan is not working.

“With deficits projected to last until 2055 and no results being seen on the ground, Canadians should rightly be concerned. $15 billion in committed infrastructure project funding has already been reprofiled to finance the Liberals’ new infrastructure bank. As the Liberals continue to rack up new debt, will they burden hardworking Canadians with even more taxes or will communities continue to lose out on important infrastructure funding they were promised?”